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CrossFit New England

Our goal at CFNE is to create a family of humble, hungry, and happy people who kick ass into their 90's.

Let's deep dive into what that truly means!

Create a family. We want to create strong member-coach and member-member connections. Our coaches want to get to know you, understand your lifestyle, and help you chase your goals. We want your time in class to be more than a great workout, we want it to be the best hour of your day spent with awesome, like-minded people.

Humble. Hungry. Happy. These 3 words are shared values by all of our members. Humble, our members are willing to be coached and get feedback. They know it isn't about how fast, how heavy, or how many. It's about the quality and intention of each workout. Hungry, we all want to get better. We want to be better physically and mentally.

We all are striving to be better in the gym because we want to be better people outside of the gym. Happy, we don't complain or view ourselves as victims. We practice viewing challenges and obstacles as opportunities to chance to learn and grow.

Kick ass into our 90's. We not only want to live a long life, but we want to live a fulfilled life. We want to be able to do all of the activities we love until the day we die.

CrossFit New England

Our community is what makes us special.

We strive to be more than a gym. We hope you are so excited to see your classmates that you come 30 minutes early to stretch, foam roll, and catch up.

We hope that after the workout, you hang around, grab a coffee, and chat with friends before you have to rush off to work.

We hope that when we have social events you bring your whole family. Your kids can play with the other kids, or your partner can get a glimpse of why you make time to do CrossFit every day.

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25 minutes outside of Boston

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15 Tech Cir, Natick, MA 01760
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